We are not:

  • To be confused with men's rights activism.

  • Aligned in any way with alt-right or incell.

  • Anti-women or anti-feminist.

  • A substitute for mental health services or professional therapeutic work. 

  • Doing this for profit or income. It is voluntary.

  • A religious group, but all faiths are welcome.

  • Interested in shaming any men.

We are:

  • Assisting men in maturing to become present, accountable and active leaders, fathers, role models for a respectful and harmonious society.

  • In full support of men learning about power privilege, diversity and patriarchy.

  • Aware of the need to learn about honouring Tangata Whenua, Mana Whenua, our histories, the Treaty of Waitangi and He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni.

  • A stand for respect and safety of women.

  • Open to diversity and intersectionality.

  • Ongoing students of the mystery and power of circle work. 

  • A conduit to other men's groups and menswork offerings such as www.mkp.org.nz  and other health/wellness resources.

  • Here in belief that beneath the layers, there is goodness in all of us.

  • Growing! This is valuable and timely work for us individually and as community. 

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